Ryan and Christoff only started Verve Wedding Films in early 2016. They met when Christoff was working with another wedding filming company and they decided to work together because they felt they shared the same eye for fashion editorial style wedding photography and videography.
There are many advantages of having the photographer and videographer that share the same interests and ideas and that are experienced at working together on your wedding day. Firstly Ryan and Christoff plan together with every wedding project. They plan and consult where they and second videographer will be at all times so there’s no confusion with getting in each others way ruining potential footage or photographs on the day. The artwork is also planned so there’s no conflict of filming and photographing during posed portraits of the bride and couple portraits on the day. This is crucial to the couples overall experience on the wedding day. This can be discussed in more detail during consultation. Please feel free to look at Verve Wedding Films website here.